Social Proof impresses your visitors attracts new customers increases your sales

The hottest new marketing method in the UK

Social Proof Messaging is proven to increase sales

Are you familiar with or TripAdvisor? Have you noticed when you’re about to make a hotel booking and you see a pop-up message appear that tells you that someone has just booked, or how impressed someone is with the company? This is known as Social Proof Messaging and is a very effective tool for encouraging your website visitors to book with you.
This marketing concept was invented in the USA and the good news is that I now provide it for UK business owners. I will install it on your website within in a day. All I need are your messages and access to your website admin page. The messages can be reviews, sales messages, event details, etc. The messages randomly rotate on every page view, all day, every day. You can even add or change your messages every month. Simply send them to me and I will take care of the message creation and website integration. Easy.
What is a new customer worth to you… £500, £1500, £5000?
Social Proof Messages are a fraction of the cost of a new customer for your business. Call now to have them displayed on your website, within hours!

Need more customers for your business? How many do you want?