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Facebook has 2.4 billion users advertising works customers within hours

How many new customers would you like?

Estate Agent? Restaurant Owner? Dentist? Other business?

With 11 years Facebook advertising experience and 100’s of campaigns for client businesses (and my own) created, I know how to attract genuine customers to any business. If you need someone to set up targeted and high converting Facebook ad campaigns I can definitely help you.

My Expertise

✔️ Designing professional engaging adverts
✔️ Utilising marketing ‘speak’ to drive clicks
✔️ Creating effective demographic targeting
✔️ Installation of Facebook Pixel
✔️ Managing ad spend based on ad performance

My Campaign Targeting

✔️ Website Visit Campaign (best for traffic)
✔️ Lead Generation Campaigns (best for email capture)
✔️ Messenger Ads & Near Me (location based ads)
✔️ Brand Awareness Campaign
✔️ Post Engagement Campaign

What I need you to do

1. Create an ‘Advertiser’ login for me on your Facebook business page*.
2. Tell me about the content of your ad.
3. Tell me your preferred start date and ad budget.
4. Approve the ad once designed.
5. Transfer management fee and ad spend to pay Facebook.

The Power of Facebook

  • 1 million people log-in to Facebook every 60 seconds
  • There are 7 million active advertisers on Facebook
  • Over 5 Billion messages are posted on Facebook pages every month
  • Facebook stories are viewed by 0.6 Billion viewers on daily basis
  • There are approximately 48% Male and 52% Female users on Facebook
  • 700 million people make use of Facebook events every month
  • The average number of friends a Facebook user has exceeds 150
  • There are more than 90 million Facebook business pages
  • Over 300 million people use Facebook and Messenger Stories every day
  • 10 million messages are sent between people and business accounts on messenger every month
  • 8 billion messages are sent between customers and businesses on messenger every day

*You must have a Facebook Business Page to be able to advertise. This page must represent the brand and content we will be promoting for you. We can design it and build it for you if you prefer, for a one time cost of just £99 (no VAT).

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