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Websites for New Estate Agents



As a new agent you will have a lot to digest. You will have trained, tested and now tasked with recruiting local ‘cheerleaders’ to help generate listing enquiries. You will also know that you need to have a website to showcase your services and also your personal attributes, the reasons why property owners should instruct you. This is how I can help you…

Introducing the ‘Superpage’ Website

The Superpage Websites I build:

  • display a business’s main services on one page in an attractive layout.
  • can be edited easily by you when you want 24/7.
  • are responsive on mobile devices, which now have more views than PCs.
  • are branded to your business’s logo and colour scheme.
  • contain forms to receive customer enquiries.
  • are hosted on a UK server (Google preferred).
  • are secured by an SSL Certificate.
  • can be built in just 10 working days.
  • are submitted to Google for quicker indexing.
  • are cheaper than multi-page websites with hard-to-find content.

I create a bespoke design based on your preferred layout and content

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